Strategic Marketing

I describe Strategic Marketing as how businesses achieve goals in an informed, efficient and targeted way, ensuring maximum effect of the overall marketing effort. I can assist in key strategic areas, such as marketing plan development and product story telling.

Marketing Plans – Key Areas of Expertise

      • Market & Competitive Research
      • Market Segmentation
      • Customer Personas
      • Product Requirements
      • Pricing
      • Marketing Channel Strategy
      • Budget and Resources

How compelling is your product story?

The product story is a critical aspect of any marketing strategy. Getting the sales messaging right is vital. Translating it into effective marketing communication, and targeting the right audience is critically important.

Developing and refining the product story is a specialty of mine. From branding to sales messaging and idea to execution, I can aide greatly in this area.

    Sales Messaging Expertise:

        • Key Performance Claims & Core Messaging
        • Sales Talk Tracks & Presentations
        • Brochures & Sales Tools
        • Website Development
        • Exhibit Booth Assets

    Does your Marketing need a kick-start?

    Product Management

    A truly rewarding part of my career, product management is concerned with all aspects of the product life cycle, from identifying a market need, to product development, product launch and post market surveillance.

    As a product manager, I interact with virtually every function in the organization I support: the executive team, marketing, sales, research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance, regulatory affairs and even legal.

    Consulting – Key Areas of Expertise

        • Business Case Development
        • Total Addressable Market Analysis
        • Product Requirements
        • Voice of Customer Feedback
        • Product Roadmaps
        • Product Launch Preparation
        • Sales Tools Development

    Need help with Product Management?

    Product Development

    The five phases of design control alone do not fully meet the need to produce commercially viable medical products.

    Product management plays a key role in defining and de-risking projects during business-case development, and to ensure a safe, effective and high-quality product emerges from the product development effort.

    Consulting – Key Areas of Expertise

      • Business Case Development (FDA Class I & II Devices only)
      • Market Research
      • Preliminary Risk Analysis: Business / Technical / Regulatory
      • Product Requirements that Translate to Testable Product Specifications
      • Voice of Customer Feedback
      • Testable Product Specifications

    Developing a business case?

    The focus of my consulting business is to provide services that highlight my expertise and experience. I’m quite familiar with design control processes from a product manager perspective. Although I have functional knowledge of a multitude of regulatory requirements, I’m not a regulatory consultant.