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Professional Summary

Located in Santa Barbara, CA, Bill specializes in strategic marketing and product management of high-technology, leading-edge medical devices. With a 30 year career in healthcare, Bill’s passion for medical products spans decade-long phases in research and development, product management and strategic marketing.

Bill helped develop some of the first digital endoscopic video cameras. He’s launched many medical products into global healthcare markets, and has directed marketing strategy at companies like Olympus Surgical, ConMed Endoscopy, and Bionik Labs. For more information on Bill and his work history, see Bill’s LinkedIn profile.

Subject Matter Expert

Bill is a subject matter expert in the medical device areas of:

  • Surgical video systems, including: cameras, light sources, endoscopes and video displays
  • Digital image capture systems
  • Insufflation systems
  • Mobile equipment carts for surgery
  • Operating room integration

Medical Technology Experience

  • Digital operating microscopes
  • Surgical robotics
  • Rehabilitation robotics
  • Touch screen user-interface development

Healthcare Settings

Over the years, Bill has gained much experience in multiple medical specialties, including:

  • Surgical endoscopy including: laparoscopy, gynecology, urology, arthroscopy and cosmetic surgery), and neurosurgery
  • Neurological rehabilitation (stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury).
  • Bill has witnessed hundreds of endoscopic surgical procedures and neuro-rehabilitation sessions.

Related Skills and Experience

In addition to Bill’s general marketing and product management skillset, he is also a digital marketer with experience with inbound, email, social media, Google PPC and display advertising. He is also becoming an increasingly competent website builder. Bill is experienced with WordPress, HubSpot, and Wix web-builders, as well as coding in HTML and CSS. He is familiar with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM systems and the Hubspot marketing Hub.

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Testimonials – “Don’t take my word for it!”


“Bill’s strong leadership, innovative approach, and calming presence during the busiest of times make him an ideal marketing partner.”

Michael Levey - Director Global Media Relations, Merck

“He understands the technology behind clinical innovations and can dig deep to find the problems and solutions required.”

Keith Griffis - Executive Director, Olympus

“He possesses a strong ability to translate customer and market needs into product features and programs to meet those needs.”

David Colvin - Vice President of Sales, Dornier MedTech