Specializing in High-Technology Medical Products

“I provide essential support to early-stage medical device companies.”

A Wide Range of Consulting Services


    • Message-to-Market Alignment
    • Product Launch Strategy
    • Lead Generation

Product Management

  • Product Roadmaps
  • Market Research
  • Targeting and Segmentation

Product Development

  • Business Case Development
  • Voice of Customer Research
  • Pre-launch Market Feedback

Reasons to Hire Me

30 Years of Healthcare Market Experience

  • Marketing, Product management and Research & development
  • 25+ Product launches and Line extensions
  • Ortho, Neuro, General Surgery, Uro/Gyn and Plastic surgery.
  • Robotic-assisted Rehabilitation for stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and degenerative conditions.

Relevant Industry Expertise

    • Strategic marketing, Product management and Product development,
    • Regulatory compliance, Contract development, HIPAA compliance,
    • Engineering project management, Marketing events management.
    • Content creation, Website design, Graphic design, Copywriting and Digital marketing

Technical and Clinical Knowledge

    • Educated as an electronic engineer (BSEE)
    • 9 years of biomedical engineering experience
    • Observed hundreds of surgical procedures in multiple surgical specialties
    • Major areas of expertise: Surgical imaging systems, robotics, Operating room integration, Operating microscopes and more.

For a summary of my Work history, and examples of products and programs I’ve helped develop and launch, please review my LinkedIn profile .